VRGreen Adventure

Where Kids Discover a World of Eco-Fun and Environmental Awareness!

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What is it about?

The VRGreenAd project aims to promote pro-environmental behavior in children aged 10-14 through experiential learning and advanced technologies.

It includes:

A motivational awareness program

A serious game for green change

A guide on green occupations

By aligning with UN 2030 and EGD sustainability goals, the project seeks to raise awareness, motivate behavior change, and empower teachers in teaching sustainability competencies using digital tools.

The project targets a greener mindset among children and fosters a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of their actions.

Empowering Children for a Sustainable Future

We offer a comprehensive and innovative approach to promote pro-environmental behavior in children. Through the VRGreenAd project, we provide engaging game-based activities, psychological interventions, and immersive experiences using VR technology.

Our offerings go beyond traditional knowledge provision by addressing barriers and factors that contribute to habit formation and intentional behavior change. By incorporating entertaining means and skill development, we aim to foster curiosity, self-exploration, and a deeper understanding of the connection between individual actions and social benefit. Our tools, including the serious game, 360 videos, and green career guidance material, provide children with unique opportunities to learn, engage, and embrace a pro-environmental mindset.

Taglines for our Mission:

“Empowering Children for a Sustainable Future through Engaging Experiences and Innovative Tools”

“Preserving Nature’s Harmony: Nurturing and Protecting our Fragile Ecosystem.”

“Harnessing the Sun’s Brilliance: Lighting the Way with Sustainable Solar Energy.”

“Unleashing Creativity for a Greener World: Inspiring Eco Ideas for Positive Change.”

“Empowering a Sustainable Future: Innovating Energy Solutions for a Greener Planet.”

Our 360 Videos